We are pleased to report a shining example of successfully working as ‘one team’ with Northumbrian Water to delight customers on a project that was potentially very disruptive.cutomerservicefeedbacl

  • Northumbrian Water had been contacted by a customer, Mr Pacey, representing residents of Quarry House Lane in Durham, which for most of its length is a semi-rural, unsurfaced single track road providing access to various properties on the outskirts of Durham. 
  • The residents had arranged to have the lane resurfaced but were concerned that the water main feeding their properties needed replacing, possibly delaying the resurfacing work, incurring costs or disrupting the newly-resurfaced lane.
  • To address the residents’ concerns, we worked with NWG to use our trenchless technology expertise in devising a plan for directional drilling the installation of a new main.  Careful project planning and considerate, efficient installation of the new main resulted in a safe, secure water supply to the Quarry House Lane residents and their complete satisfaction with NWG’s and Fastflow’s performance. As Mr Pacey wrote in an email to NWG:

“What has been achieved within the last month is quite remarkable.
Throughout this period of unprecedented activity in the Lane, NW and Fastflow employees have at all times managed what must have been a tricky job with professionalism and good humour when demands must have been made on patience”

Initiated by NWG’s Davey Stobbart, the team that achieved such a fine result were:

  • Brian Hardy – NWG Project Manager
  • Steve Hutchinson – Fastflow Planner
  • Steve Sains – NWG Quality Control Supervisor
  • Harry Maratty – Fastflow Team Leader
  • Eddie Lavender – Fastflow Operative

In recognition of the team’s achievement, Mr Pacey presented them with ‘ACE’ awards (pictured above).  In a speech at the presentation he described the works completed as: “A remarkable example of partnership working. The exceptional performance of the Fastflow team had received widespread applause from residents who were extremely impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and patience team throughout the progress of what must have been a tricky and on Quarry House Lane”