A new safe working record has been set with more than 3.3 million hours completed without a lost time accident.


With up to 1,000 people, including sub-contractors, working during busy periods, the group has placed huge importance on safe working and this has been rewarded with the record figure.


Chief Executive, Neil Armstrong, said: “We have put a lot of effort into instilling the importance of safety in the workforce. Their own wellbeing and that of the communities and environments in which they work are paramount.


“Much of what we do has an element of risk and so we have to do everything possible to minimise this. I am delighted to see that these efforts are paying dividends but just because the results are encouraging, we will not be lowering our guard.”



 The top performing division is DW Support Services, which provides planned and responsive maintenance

 and repairs to almost 200,000 homes across the south of the UK. Here there have been 1.6 million safe hours worked.






Fastflow Energy Services, which carries out specialist, high pressure gas diversion and installation

works throughout  the country, has clocked up 1.2 million safe hours.FESworkingsafely









Fastflow Pipeline Services, which provides water management across networks in North East England and Scotland, supplying almost three million customers, has almost half a million of safe working hours.


The last lost time accident – which was at FPS – involved a minor foot injury which required just one day’s absence from work.