HS-PolicyIt is the policy of Fastflow to accord the greatest importance to the health, safety and welfare of its employees, customers and the communities within which it conducts its business.

To achieve a high standard of health and safety the company has introduced a pro-active approach that encourages and supports continuous improvement by:

  • Compliance with legislation, regulation, codes of practice and guidance
  • Establishing the standards, controls and arrangements to facilitate and promote this policy
  • Measuring and reporting on performance
  • Setting improvement objectives and targets
  • Committing appropriate financial and physical resources to support achievement
  • Rewarding achievement

Health and safety is of paramount importance to Fastflow’s management and is regarded as a key business objective along with production, finance and other aspects of the organisation. Fastflow, through its QUEST management system, sets objectives and targets, reviewed at appropriate intervals to determine performance trends and identify continuous improvement opportunities. By contributing towards this employees are supporting the company’s aim of achieving business excellence.

It is the responsibility of Fastflow’s management to take all reasonable steps to safeguard all persons from risks associated with the company’s activities and it is equally the duty of all employees to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Furthermore, it is the duty of employees to co-operate with management in complying with this policy and legal requirements. All employees are encouraged to contribute towards continuous improvement of the health and safety performance of the company, either by their day-to-day actions or by formal involvement in the company consultation processes as safety representatives.

The Managing Director holds ultimate responsibility for health and safety within the Fastflow Group and he has appointed a Business Standards Director and health and a safety team to facilitate and monitor the operation of this policy. All employees are encouraged to communicate any opportunities they have identified for health and safety improvements to their line manager, the health and safety team or to other managers or directors.

The responsibilities of management and individuals under the act and the aim and execution of this policy are highlighted during induction training. Induction training is also used to inform new employees where they can refer to this policy and associated safety documentation. Induction training includes coverage of safety topics specific to Fastflow’s activities and is repeated as refresher training for existing employees. Training in health and safety matters is undertaken to ensure that all employees are equipped to support the aims of, and comply with, this policy. Employee’s targets and rewards will be set to ensure that health and safety will be given equal weighting with other Company objectives.

This policy statement and all other health and safety documentation will be reviewed at least annually and revised as necessary. Revisions will be made in the light of new legislation, stakeholder feedback, changes in operating practices and specifications and new technology.

Supporting documentation to this policy statement is contained in the Fastflow integrated management system ‘QUEST’ manuals, which detail specific responsibilities, risks and control measures.


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